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A Snap shot of some of some of the legislative
initiatives of Hiram Monserrate


Hiram Monserrate’s Bill that was passed into law in the New York City Council is why today Parking Meters are Free on Sundays (Int.669).


CITY HALL – Council Member Hiram Monserrate joined with Council Member Maria Baez and his colleagues yesterday to introduce legislation that would suspend alternate side parking for 48 hours after winter storms. The legislation was a direct result of the recent ticketing blitz that socked city residents with high-priced tickets when they couldn't dig their cars out of the snow.

"This legislation is simply the right thing to do," said Council Member Monserrate, who himself received a ticket the day after the late winter storm in February. "Like so many people this winter, I received a ticket after street plows had buried my car in the snow. Like so many people, I felt a sense of injustice and anger when ticketed for a situation outside of my control. I am proud to stand with my colleagues to support a policy that will ensure no resident ever feels like the city is trying to pull a fast one on their hard-earned money."

Monserrate noted that following a public outcry from residents, Mayor Bloomberg did rescind tickets issued following the storm. However, this legislation would codify a policy of alternate parking suspension that cannot change under future Administrations.

 Monserrate Votes Against Increase in Sales Tax  

 Monserrate Standing with Property Owners Against Eminent Domain  

Executive Order #41
Monserrate takes the lead protecting the confidentiality rights of All New Yorkers first introducing Access Without Fear bill and working with the Administration on policy changes.

At the signing of this Executive Order #41 the most comprehensive confidentiality protection of any City in the Nation, Mayor Bloomberg stated the following about Hiram Monserrate,

“Councilman Hiram Monserrate’s input was invaluable in the preparation of this order. “… I would also like to point out that Hiram Monserrate was the City Councilman that really did carry the ball on this and probably spent more time at this end of City Hall than the other one.”

Because of Hiram’s work New York City was the first City that established a City-Wide Privacy Policy. New York City adopted a broad based measure protecting individuals from being asked by city workers about their immigration status, as well as from having their immigration status shared by city workers. This a result of Executive Order 41.

The NYC privacy policy is a broad-based one protecting a range of information defined as “Confidential,” including:
• sexual orientation
• status as a recipient of public assistance
• victim of sexual assault
• immigration status
• crime witness
• income tax records
• victim of domestic violence

The policy prohibits city workers from asking about immigration status: City workers are not allowed ask individuals about their immigration status unless it is necessary to provide service or they are required by law to do so. In addition, law enforcement officers --such as police officers and corrections officers-- can also ask when they are investigating “illegal activity” other than simply possible immigration status violations. The policy also prohibits city workers from sharing “confidential” information: City workers are not allowed to share any “confidential” information they have about individuals unless they are so required by law or they have written authorization from the individual to do so.

Bloomberg & Monserrate Announce
Expansion of Translation and Interpretation Services for City Schools

Mayor Bloomberg, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein, City Council Member Hiram Monserrate and Commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs Guillermo Linares announce the establishment of a regulation to formalize and expand translation and interpretation services for non-English speaking parents of children in New York City public schools. This formal regulation will build on services currently provided to parents through the Department of Education's Translation and Interpretation Unit and funding provided directly to schools for these services. (Photo Credit: Edward Reed)

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